Basic Service

Independence and Value – both are really important to us.

So our Basic Service is fixed price, starting from just $98! (incl GST) 

It includes oil and filter change, engine check, fluid check, tyres, spare wheel and more. And there are no hidden extras. We do it while you wait (usually no more than 20 minutes) and use premium 10w30 or 15w40 motor oil and manufacturer approved filters.

Oh, and we won’t try to hit you up for extra work you don’t need.

So our 10 Point Promise to you is:

  1. Drivesure are the best value in oil changes. We will beat any other written quote by 10% (equivalent filter & oil)
  2. We have actual, experienced technicians working on your car.
  3. We WON’T try to sell you anything that is not necessary for your vehicle.
  4. We WILL tell you if any additional maintenance items are spotted. You can then choose if and where to have the work done. (we don’t do big mechanical repairs)
  5. The right oil will be used in your vehicle.
  6. Our filters meet or exceed manufacturers specifications.
  7. We will do your oil change NOW. Usually this takes no longer than 20 minutes.
  8. We will treat your car with respect, and return it in a better condition than when you drove in.
  9. We will never perform extra work without getting your approval first.
  10. The Drivesure Free Top Up Policy – between regular changes we will check and top up oil, brake, steering fluid and water for FREE (up to half a litre)

Regular oil changes using quality oils and filters are essential to:

  • Keep your car running longer
  • Reducing servicing costs
  • Improving fuel economy.

Oil is the lifeblood of your car, and to maximise the life of your vehicle it needs regular transfusions !

Frequency of Oil Change

  • Petrol Engines: Change your oil every 6 months or 10,000km.
  • Diesel vehicles: Change your oil every 8,000km for optimum performance.

Drivesure oil changes are conducted while you wait and generally take no longer than 20 minutes! We use high grade 10w30 SYNTHETIC oil and premium FRAM, BOSCH and RYCO filters.

The service includes:

  • Draining oil to our enviro-friendly recycle scheme
  • Removing and replacing the oil filter with a quality Fram or Bosch filter
  • Refilling with quality high performance engine oil (15w40 or better)
  • Air Filter Inspection
  • Engine bay check
  • Checking other fluid levels including brakes and power steering
  • Noting any other maintenance items we see during the service

You will receive a window sticker advising of your next oil change, and we’ll also send you a reminder!