How can I best prepare for the inspection?

Here are some simple checks to keep your vehicle up to Warrant of Fitness standard:

  • Check your lights regularly by asking a family member or friend to check your lights with you. Many vehicles fail their Warrant of Fitness simply because of a blown bulb.
  • Check your windscreen wipers. Does your windscreen washer deliver water onto the windscreen with each sweep without patches or smudging?
  • Regularly maintain your brakes. If you are ever concerned, bring your vehicle to one of our testing stations and we can test your vehicle’s braking efficiency for a small fee.
  • Check your tyres for both adequate tread and inflation.

Here are some other points to remember prior to the Warrant of Fitness inspection:

  • When you come in ensure all the seatbelts are accessible for testing.
  • Make sure your car boot is empty. This enables the spare wheel to be checked easily so you spend less time at the station.

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