What if my vehicle fails a WoF inspection?

If your vehicle fails a WoF inspection and your old WoF has expired, you are not permitted by law to drive it on the road unless it is being operated solely for the purpose of obtaining a new WoF. This includes driving it to and from a garage in order to have repairs carried out.

If you fix all the items that require attention within 28 days of the initial inspection the vehicle will be re-inspected by Drivesure at no additional cost. If you exceed the 28 days from the initial inspection, a new fee and inspection is required.


  1. Keith Gould says:

    If my wof runs out at start of month & it gets done a few weeks later, what date will the new wof run to ?

  2. If a car fail WoF would it get registered in the NZ system so anywhere you take it would be able to know the flagged items by checking the rego?

  3. So do I have to get a tow truck to take it away from the testing station? Another point: I have had a few cars fail the WOF, just to prove later to the testing station that they got it wrong. Your response please. (A recent case: last year my car was flagged for front brake pads low. It was not driven much since, until the next WOF, because I have 4 other cars. This time around it failed due to that reason. When the pads were replaced by a specialist shop, there was still thousands of kilometers left in the pads. I have been ripped off yet again by VTNZ New Plymouth).

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