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Entry Certification & Compliance


As an NZTA appointed KSDP Drivesure are experts in Entry Certification, with a dedicated, experienced team of inspectors providing the compliance industry with entry certification inspections (both light and heavy vehicles), damaged flag removals, MR2 reprints and more.

Our vehicle inspectors are experienced, reasonable and able to deliver your vehicle certified, serviced and ready for the yard or road. 

Drivesure operate both company owned, full service sites and provide 3rd party services to compliance workshops.


Our sites are true one-stop-shops with Compliance, Registration, WOF & COF, Appraisals and Servicing all available:

Full compliance service including:

  • Entry Certification and full Compliance

  • Light and Heavy vehicles

  • Re-Registration for lapsed registration 

  • Damaged Flag Removal

  • Full repair service incl tyres, brakes at competitive rates

  • Oil & filter service

  • Vehicle registration (MR2A, MR13B etc)

  • WOF and COF

  • Vehicle appraisal

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our difference is our comprehensive range of services, and our personal attention to meeting a customer's expectations. Because we’re smaller, you get boutique service at the best rates. Guaranteed.

Call the team to arrange a meeting and learn more about this.


Re-Registration and VIN / MR2 issue

If your vehicle has been previously registered in New Zealand and you want to get it back on the road:

What do I do?

Bring your vehicle and your Drivers License / ID into any of the Drivesure Compliance sites and our team will be happy to help.

You will need to prove ownership, previous registration and pay for the full compliance inspection.


Allow 2-3 days depending upon workloads.

Damaged or previously written-off vehicles may require specialist Repair Certification.

When the vehicle is passed, we can put plates on it and you can drive away!


General Information

If your vehicle has been previously registered in New Zealand but is now de-registered; or If the vehicle is a unregistered import it will need Compliance Certification to be used in New Zealand;

Entry Certification, also known as Compliance, is a process for determining the suitability of a vehicle to enter the NZ fleet and be operated on our roads. As such the requirements are much more stringent than for a WOF.

The Certification Process involves determining compliance with the relevant vehicle standards (verification of ownership, frontal impact, emissions etc) and inspecting the vehicle to ensure it is of a suitable standard to be put onto the roads. We examine vehicle structure, brakes, steering, suspoension, interior safety features and more. This is a higher standard than in-service inspections.

The inspection process involves the removal of wheels, brake linings, guard trim, interior trim and any panels that cover the vehicle structure or essential safety features such as seat belts. The vehicle is then inspected for compliance with relevant manufacturers' specifications, damage, corrosion, rust and excessive wear.

Drivesure Vehicle Testing provide imported vehicle Entry Certification to the industry, and operate Compliance Centres across Auckland. 


More detailed information on the vehicle standards can be found here.

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