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Vehicle Registration

The independent experts that will get your WOF & registration sorted!

WOF and Rego. The two go together like jandals and beaches, fires and marshmello’s, bbq and beer. So go ahead, make you life easier and get your Registration at the same time as your WOF.


We can even set your registration to expire just after your WOF so you will always be registered and WOF’ed to avoid those pesky fines and keep your insurance valid.

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Motor Vehicle Registration

Drivesure offer the folllowing Motor Vehicle Registration services:

  • Re-licensing (MR1/B/MR27)

  • Vehicle Registration* (MR2A/B)

  • Change of Ownership (MR13A/B)

  • Issue of Vehicle Plates*

  • Issue of Replacement Plates* (MR6A)

*Not available at all branches. Please check out our locations or call 0800 220 240 to find out more.

We can accept cash and eftpos payments. We are unable to accept Credit Cards for Motor Vehicle Registration services. Road User Charges should be paid online at NZTA.

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Warrant of Fitness (WOF)

No appointment needed! Just drive in and get your WOF sorted today!

Our Warrant of Fitness (WOF) testing is second to none. Drivesure use the latest vehicle test equipment and provide you with an easy to read inspection report so you can be assured of a proper WOF.

We list any maintenance items we see during the inspection, and check your oil and water so you can be sure you are good to go! All while you relax in our modern reception.

Add a service on your list today and get $20 off a basic vehicle service with your WOF! At Drivesure we make sure you are back on the road - in a flash!

Do you have more questions?

Our expert team will help you get back on the road as soon as possible. We won't try to hit you up for extra work you don't need but we list any maintenance items we see during the inspection to help you avoid costly breakdowns in the future. At Drivesure we strive to boost your confidence through our precision service and tailored support. 

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