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WOF – Warrant of Fitness

The independent experts that will get your WOF sorted!

Our Warrant of Fitness (WOF) testing is helpful, convenient and fast. We want you back on the road too. We even check your oil and water so you can be sure you are good to go!


Our WOF+ Maintenance Check covers the essential maintenance items for your car not included in a WOF for added peace of mind.

Need an Oil Change? Get $20 off a basic vehicle service with your WOF! 

All while you relax in our bright modern reception. Oh, and we are dog friendly at all branches. Woof!!

Drivesure WOF Warrant of Fitness
No appointment needed. Just drive in today :)
What is WoF and what are the items we inspect?

Be prepared to Pass 

  • Check your stop, park and indicator lights 

  • Clear the boot and back seat so we can see

  • Seatbelts accessible and operating ok ?

  • Doors and lock working fine?

  • Got the dog? bring it in with you


on arrival:

  • Park in the lane (big yellow lines)

  • Come to reception with your plate number

  • Stay with your car until it gets to the inspection area

  • Please remain in reception during inspection


All Done - Easy :)

WOF: what to do on arrival?

A better Warrant of Fitness service :)

After check-in you can relax, watch TV, read a glossy or look on as the experienced inspectors put your car through its WOF.  Dogs are welcome too ... woof!


Our helpful staff will also check your oil and water levels for added peace of mind.

If you have any areas of your vehicle you want specially looked at, just ask.

So, What is a WOF?

The Warrant of Fitness, or WOF, is a periodic safety inspection that any private car, van, 4WD, motorcycle and trailer/caravan must have to legally operate on public roads in New Zealand. Whilst the items to be inspected are set down by the NZTA, not all WOF’s are equal!

All vehicles registered after 1 January 2000 must have a WOF inspection every 12 months. All vehicles older than year 2000 must have a WOF inspection every six months.

Drivesure are NZTA certified Vehicle Testing Stations and our Warrant of Fitness inspections are carried out to requirements set by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and supported by New Zealand law.

The Warrant of Fitness inspection only covers items required by NZTA to ensure that a vehicle is safe when on New Zealand roads. Items that concern maintenance, engine and gearbox condition, appearance and non-safety related items are not included in a WOF, but we are happy to look at anything you have concerns about.

The items that are inspected in a Warrant of Fitness are as below:

Under Bonnet

  • Chassis/VIN

  • Modified vehicle

  • Structure/corrosion

  • Engine & drivetrainning

  • Fuel system


  • Seats and anchorages

  • Head restraints

  • Seatbelts

  • Seatbelt anchorages

  • Interior impact

  • Speedometer

  • Frontal impact airbags

  • Airbag self check

  • ABS self check

  • Audible warning device

  • Space saver tyre label

  • Spare wheel secure

  • Alternative fuel cert

  • Alternative fuel sys


Brake Performance

  • Service brake performance

  • Service brake balance

  • Parking brake performance

  • Trailer breakaway brake


  • Impact damage

  • Corrosion

  • Modifications

  • External projections

  • Exterior dimensions

  • Towing connections

  • Doors and hinged panels

  • Motorcycle footrests

  • Rear position lamps

  • Side marker lamps

  • End outline marker

  • Stop lamps

  • Hi-stop lamp (from 1990)

  • Registration lamp/s

  • Rear reflectors

  • Reversing lamps

  • Cosmetic lamps

  • Steering components

  • Suspension mechanism

  • Suspension components

  • Suspension modification

Tyres, Wheels and Hubs

  • Hubs & axles

  • Wheel condition

  • Tyre condition

  • Tyre compatibility

  • Tread depth

  • Mudguards

Steering & Suspension

  • Suspension play

  • Steering play


  • Windscreen

  • Rear view mirrors

  • Other glazing

  • Sun visors

  • Wipers & operation

  • Washers & operation

  • Headlamps

  • Front & rear fog lamps

  • Cornering lamps

  • Daytime running lamps

  • Direction indicator lamps

  • Forward position lamps


  • Chassis

  • Floorpan

  • Engine

  • Transmission

  • Fuel tank/lines

  • Brake components

  • Exhaust system

  • Visible smoke

  • Exhaust noise

If your vehicle fails its inspection, we will explain where it failed and list what needs to be fixed. We will also point out any maintenance items we find during the inspection that require attention.

Unlike garages and many testing stations, Drivesure doesn’t carry out repairs – so you can be confident that we only fail vehicle when there is a safety issue. You can then take the vehicle to a repairer and tell them exactly what is required.


Drivesure offer a free recheck within 28 days of the original inspection to enable you to fix any safety faults and get back on the road safely.

Note that legally you are only able to operate your vehicle on the road for the purposes of taking it for repair after your W0F has expired.

Exhaust Smoke

From October 2007 most vehicles cannot obtain a Warrant of Fitness if they produce clearly visible smoke from the exhaust pipe. During a Warrant of Fitness the visibility of smoke is assessed when the engine is idled for 5 seconds, then accelerated to 2,500rpm or half the maximum engine speed.

Visible smoke is not only a clear indication of excessive pollution into our environment, but also that your vehicle is not running efficiently and may be using excessive fuel, costing you money.

Exhaust Noise

In June 2008 the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) tightened the rules regarding modified exhaust systems. An exhaust system was allowed to be noisier than the original exhaust system, provided it was not significantly noisier. As a result of public complaints about the number of noisy modified vehicles on the road, and the difficulty in assessing what ‘significantly noisier’ means, the government has introduced more stringent requirements relating to exhaust noise.

Your vehicle will comply with the new law if the noise from the exhaust system is similar to or less than the noise from the exhaust system that was originally fitted when the vehicle was manufactured.

If your vehicle was manufactured after January 1985 then the legal noise limit is now 90 decibels.

The exhaust noise may be up to 95 decibels provided that the vehicle was first registered in NZ on or after 1 June 2008.

No vehicle exhaust can legally exceed 95 decibels during a test.

If your vehicle is noisier than it was originally, it will fail its WOF unless it is able to pass a Noise Quick Check. All Drivesure sites have a hand-held noise meter that the inspector will use to conduct a Noise Quick Check to find out if the vehicle is well below the noise limits.If your vehicle has failed its WOF because of a noisy exhaust, you can chose to undergo an Objective Noise Test from a LVV certifier. Additional costs will apply for this.

Further information is available from Land Transport New Zealand exhaust noise page.

Modified Vehicles

If you modify your vehicle, the modification may need to be inspected and certified before the vehicle can pass its Warrant of Fitness. Not every modification needs to be certified — it depends on the extent of modification.

Types of modification that require LVV certification are:

  • Fitting height adjustable suspension

  • Fitting an engine different from standard

  • Modification to vehicle structure

  • Modification to vehicle brakes

  • Fitting seats NOT on standard mounts

  • Steering modifications

Inspections to modified light vehicles are performed by low volume vehicle (LVV) certifiers. The Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA) should be consulted prior to any modification you make to ensure it is legal and safe.

Do you have more questions?

Our expert team will help you get back on the road as soon as possible. We won't try to hit you up for extra work you don't need but we list any maintenance items we see during the inspection to help you avoid costly breakdowns in the future. At Drivesure we strive to boost your confidence through our precision service and tailored support. 

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