Certificate of Fitness – COF

If you have an Uber or Ola, you will need a COF.  Drivesure Vehicle Testing provide Certificate of Fitness (COF) Inspections for Uber, Ola, Taxi and Rental vehicles, as well as Certificates of Loading for PSV’s.

Our service is friendly, practical and very cost efficient. Drivesure inspectors deliver the requirements of taxi and rental operators for a fast, low cost inspection that keeps them compliant and safe on the roads.

For your next COF inspection drop into of our 4 locations across Auckland.

Pre-COF Inspections

If you need to maintain a good operator rating, get a pre-COF condition check on of your vehicle before you do the full COF. This identifies any issues you may have before the COF, so you can be sure you will pass. Easy!

What a CoF is not

A CoF is not a pre-purchase inspection. It doesn’t include many areas of a vehicle’s condition. For example it doesn’t check:

  • engine, clutch, gearbox and differential
  • lubricant levels and condition
  • brake pad lining (unless visible) or life expectancy
  • paint work condition and rust in non-structural areas.

As well as six-monthly CoF inspections you need:

  • a certificate of loading. This states the various required weight ratings, such as axle and tyre ratings; and the maximum number of passengers for passenger service vehicles. It’s usually on the front windscreen or in the cab
  • a road user charges licence for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (3500kg) or if powered by diesel or another fuel not taxed when sold
  • an approved hubodometer for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (3500kg).